Everything You Need and More for Your Bicep Workouts billboardThere are plenty of mega fitness sites out there that have lots of articles, interviews, videos, and forums. This site is dedicated to people just starting out on their journey into a healthy lifestyle. Some of the sites out there can be a little overwhelming, even for someone who has been active in the health and fitness arena for years. We wanted to create a simple, easy to navigate website that would allow beginners to build their knowledge while starting this journey into a healthy lifestyle.

We believe for anyone to obtain bigger biceps, that not only do the quantity and quality of workouts come into play, but so do diet, sleep, and the power of the mind. That said, this site was started and is still maintained. So enjoy and let your biceps grow with our Articles and Videos.

Bicep Workout Videos

Videos are always a plus! Get bigger biceps with our video library of bicep workouts! Articles are great, but these videos will help you visualize what to do. There are videos of all kinds of workouts, including some you have probably heard of to some that will spice things up a bit. Click Here


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The Written Rules of Bicep Workouts

Reading our articles will give you a bigger brain and bigger biceps! That's a win-win. If you are looking for the guidelines and tips to help maximize your bicep workouts, this is the spot for you. We discuss everything from how to target each bicep head to proper form and technique. Click Here


The Blog of Biceps

If you want random stuff, check out our blog. It keeps things...interesting. We cover everything from workouts, diet & nutrition to funny and painful clips of what not to do in the gym. If you are looking for some light reading or funny videos, this is the place to go. Click Here

The Beginner's Guide to Biceps

Biceps WorkoutsWhen you think of working out and getting stronger or more toned, what is one of the first areas you think of? I know for me and a lot of other people, it is the arms. This is simply because the arms are visible so much of the time that we tend to focus on them very heavily. If I look in the mirror, whether I have clothes on or not, I can see my arms. The only time I cannot see them is when I am wearing long sleeves or a jacket. Even without a mirror, our arms are one of the easiest parts of our body to inspect, simply due to their proximity to our eyes.

Because of these reasons, it is no wonder that so many people think of nice biceps when they think of someone being in great shape. There is no reason you cannot have amazing biceps either! That is not only why we started this website, but also why we wanted to put together this comprehensive guide to helping you sculpt the biceps of your dreams, whether that is rock-hard pythons that everyone notices when you walk into a room, or nice, toned, and sleek arms that look tight and fit. There are biceps workouts that will target every goal; you just need to know what to do to get there.

The first three rules are about form and technique. Although I hate to do this to you, if this area suffers, so will the results you are working so hard to achieve.

Rule 1: Proper Posture – There are all kinds of biceps workouts, from chin-ups to spider curls. The one thing they all have in common? There is a technique to each one that should be followed in order to prevent injury and build muscle at the same time. For a biceps workout, keep the following in mind when it comes to posture and technique:

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