Better Work-Life Balance

If you are looking for better work-life balance, you just might be looking in all of the wrong places. I used to work for a large accounting firm that preached work-life balance all day, but most of us who worked there would typically put in between 60-90 hours a week, in addition to travel time. It was quite the miserable experience and I do not recommend it to anyone, especially because you will not get paid overtime. I left that company because I truly wanted a better work-life balance, and I got one. But what if your bicep workouts actually helped you achieve a better work-life balance? Well it turns out that working out in general creates a better work-life balance.

According to Russell Clayton in the Harvard Business Review, exercise and working out can improve your work-life balance in the following ways:

  1. Stress is a major inhibitor to the brain, where the more stressed out you are, the less productive your brain is. Think of it as a giant concrete wall between you and the things you need to accomplish. That is kind of how stress is when your brain is trying to be productive. By working out, you reduce stress levels, allowing you to see things much more clearly. It is as if that giant brick wall that was blocking you is removed and you have a perfectly clear window to look through.
  2. Have you ever felt like you could conquer the world? Well you will have that feeling much more frequently when you workout on a regular basis. Self-efficacy, the sense of being capable of taking on tasks and getting them done, is also a result of working out. Where you might have felt overwhelmed by something before a workout, after, you will feel like you are ready to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles. This mindset actually has a strong impact on real world results.

So, in addition to living a healthier life and extending your life by years, you will live a more meaningful life with less struggle on a daily basis, all from working out. If that is not reason to get in the gym and get going, I am not sure what is.