Cheese: if you can eat a day?

The fastest way to a better figure and strong bones or blockages in the arteries? Bicepsworkouts tells.


Cheese contains a lot of saturated fats. If you eat too much of it, the load on the heart and diabetes risk.

More than 40 grams per day – too much

When exceeding a dose of 40 g, the cheese stops and starts encourage you to be harmful. In the world it is hard cheeses contain much fat, calories and cholesterol.

Only 30% of calories in your diet should come from fats. For the average guy, this means 95 g of fat per day, of which only 8 grams of saturated fat can provide.

Meanwhile, these constitute up to 60% of the fat in the cheese. “40 g of cheese is 125 calories, but you can always reach for the cheese type of light, and then the value drops to about 40 calories” – Dr. Pieczyńska provides. But when you cross stubbornly dose recommended by professionals, putting on obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

30-40 grams per day – just in time

30-40-gram piece of cheese will satisfy 30% of your daily requirement for calcium. What’s more, these few slices of muscle building contains more protein than any other dairy products.

Nibbling cheese, also improving deliver a vision of vitamin A and phosphorus bone reinforcement. Eating cheese, also protect your heart – this is due to the contained chromium, which plays an important role in lowering cholesterol.

30 g – too little

When your daily dose of dairy products falls below 30 g, you run the risk of gaps reinforcing the bone calcium.

To cover your daily requirement for calcium, you should eat two slices of cheese curd and yellow or drink at least a glass of skim milk and a cup of yogurt.

What’s more, researchers from the British Council for Dairy argue that 10 g of cheese after a meal helps to counteract the destructive influence of acid on your teeth.