Chest for summer time [photo]

Summer season under his belt, and increasingly difficult to fill in your shirt sleeves, though biceps exercise each workout. That’s the problem. Find out how in the end add centimeters to the circuit.

Separate biceps training devoted to the Middle Ages. World went ahead and although it is not difficult to find in gyms are still secret members of reenactment groups, waving weights up and down non-stop for an hour not really make sense. Subcutaneous know what it is, because some time ago stopped making progress. See how to train hamstrings arms that after 6 weeks to be forced to exchange a shirt for a new, larger size. Instruction in the article.

The measurement circuits

Raise the arm until it is parallel to the ground. Bend your hand to the right angle, not straining hard biceps. Measure it at its widest point. Repeat every 14 days.

Pulling in the support

Your goal: biceps, brachialis muscle

Attach the stick at waist height. Catch him nachwytem shoulder width apart, legs throw forward. Pull up to the bar.



Bending lying on the bench ahead

Your goal: biceps, brachialis muscle

Catch the dumbbell hammer grip and lie down on the bench facing oblique. Hands hold a position perpendicular to the ground. Bend your arms at the elbows. Here also applies schema, which can be found on the last slide.


Pulling in the support undercling

Your goal: biceps, brachialis muscle

Perform this exercise as well as A, but replacing non undercling shoulder width apart. Complete all 3 stages of the series (a total of 15 reps, with 3 12 slow and fast).


Game rules!

1. Add the given exercises to the current plan. Make one of them at the end of each workout.

2. Each series do according to the scheme divided into 3 stages: lift the weight (himself or dumbbells), stop motion for 5 seconds, with all his straining biceps. Return to start and rest for 10 seconds. Do 5 reps fast. This is the first stage of the series. Before you even 2 stages, which will shorten the time of the weight up about 1 second, and the number of fast repeats 1.

3. Take three such series, resting 3 minutes between them.