Derby and Oxfords: classic shoes are always in fashion

Forget everything you said so far. You start from scratch and there is only one thing you need to make a good impression on a woman. Of course, a bank account is also useful, but really counts is what you have on your feet.


Oxfords and derby

Oxford is the most classic fashion shoe. Drawing on his wing tip shoes like to play golf. Derby differ from Oxford method sew the skin to the tie shoelaces. Additionally, Derby has a slightly recessed heel.

How to wear them

The best in classical shoes is that they can not be bad to wear. Just to be clear and not too schodzone, and they will all fit into everyday clothing. Avoid scrubbing too models, traditional colors and styles work best – any square or two-colored tips, unless you want to look like a member of the Italian Mafia. At the beginning things wearing black or dark brown. You feel more confident – wear light brown, look great with a gray suit and with jeans.

How to take care

Do not wear the same shoes a few days in a row – the skin needs to rest. After returning home, put into the regulations; shoes retain their shape for a long time.