Give a burn – eat chili!

Chilli, cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper, Turkish pepper – these are just examples of trade names relating to different types of chili powder. Actually a small red peppers have nothing to do with plants pieprzowatymi – chilli powder form adopted this name because of the sharp taste of spices. And although it is this extreme taste it is an obstacle for many of us – should use this spice in our kitchen.

Whatever the variety – all peppers contain a very characteristic substance capsaicin, which in a particularly advantageous way affects our body. “Let them burn,” and use the properties of hot chili peppers.



1. Chilli – Acute pain management
Burning sensation in the mouth after eating foods spiced chili is one of those factors that discourages us to consume so sharp dishes. It turns out, however, that thanks to specific “pain” in the mouth to reach the brain information about the need to produce natural painkillers – endorphins. It is they exhibiting properties similar to morphine, act in a soothing and by the way improve mood.

This analgesic effect of capsaicin are trying to use the scientists carrying out numerous studies. One of them, involving zaaplikowaniu this substance on the aching teeth, showed that capsaicin inhibits neurotransmitter responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain. Thanks to this unusual discovery, scientists predict that capsaicin will be used to create new painkillers! But before that happens, keep in mind about the use of the natural characteristics of that in our kitchen.

2. The hot friend heart
To the view that chili pepper has a protective effect on our cardiovascular system, they helped the residents of Thailand. The population is characterized by two relationships that seem linked: the Thai diet is extremely rich in spicy foods with chilli – it happens that consume them, even several times a day! According to the researchers this is what contributes to an extremely rare occurrence among them heart disease, and especially the formation of blood clots. This property has been checked during the tests on a group of students, which showed that the ingestion of food with chili pepper automatically increases the ability to dissolve blood clots. This effect lasts for a short time, because only 30 minutes from the consumption of food, but this allows conclude that frequent consumption of peppery dishes can be a great natural prevention, cleansing blood on a regular basis and acting protectively.

3. Extreme support for the lungs
Capsaicin due to its intense flavor and piekącemu can show yet another operation – expectorant. The mechanism of this action is extremely simple. Probably everyone who eat very spicy dishes, experience automatically large amounts of secretions in the respiratory system. And that – after getting sharp spice to our mouth and the entire gastrointestinal tract are irritated nerve endings. Hence – mucus secreting glands release significant amounts of secretions, which dilutes and helps him in his wykrztuszaniu. The same thing happens in the bronchi and lungs, which in this way are cleared of mucus. This property is used even by some doctors who advise their patients to eat spicy food in case of pneumonia, blocked sinuses or in the cold.

4. Trivia and good advice
Although it would seem that the same chili exhibits positive characteristics, we must not forget that our body can be extremely intense substance. For this reason:
“Adventure” with hot spices should be done gradually – let’s get started on their small doses. Thanks to the gentle way our body can get used to the intensity of the chili dishes and fancy their nature;

Use common sense in terms of the amount of the spice – in high doses instead of acting prozdrowotnie, can effectively irritate the gastrointestinal tract and mucous membranes. The same substance can act in two ways – positive and negative, addicted to “only” the size of the dose. Everything in moderation!

Those who do not accept the spicy food, and at the same time would like to take advantage of the properties of chili eg. In cold conditions, they can drink daily dissolved in water drops chili sauce.
There have also been some popular opinion regarding chilli, but not all are true. So what is the truth and what is myth?

MYTH: spicy foods contribute to the formation of ulcers. This is probably one of the most popular opinions on the chili. It turns out, however, that a healthy person, niecierpiące any complaints from the gastrointestinal tract they have nothing to fear. No study has shown that a diet rich in savory contributed to any illnesses. Of course, it is important to observe common sense and your own body – some people may be too sensitive to acute capsaicin. But the fact is that the assertion of popular chili negative impact on the digestive organs in ruins – currently ascribed to them even reverse, the protective effect!

TRUTH: chili helps get rid of excess weight. There is no doubt that the dish with chili improve metabolism and accelerate the burning of calories.

TRUE: the consumption of large quantities of chili can result in painful defecation. For this reason, people who suffer from hemorrhoids, should be very cautious about the spices and eat it in moderation.

Chili is one of the most “controversial” spices. Adored by some, by others – hated for no one is indifferent. It should incorporate it into your diet, but intake of spicy food should be controlled by us – should not go to extremes. The pepper, capsaicin addition to the charity, is mostly rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, as well as plenty of minerals. In a healthy, reasonable amounts can act in our body as the best antioxidant.