Healthy fats and slimming

Healthy fats are, of course, healthy, but still full of calories. Therefore, it is difficult to be regarded as miraculous a patent for weight loss.


Several years ago, the avocado was very scarce commodity and you had a healthy sweat to buy them. Now, as the length and breadth of Poland, just go to the nearest grocery store or supermarket to find on the shelves wdzięczące fruits smaczliwki aptly called the uninitiated avocado right.

Fruit, full of monounsaturated fatty acids, became a symbol of the growing popularity of fat. Not only healthy distinguished unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, -6 and -9, but even saturated fatty acids, rated by WHO as a mortal threat to cardiovascular health, defense and find their followers.

It’s time. Two – gaining more and more supporters claim that we eat too many carbohydrates, taking into account the average level of activity. Their opponents support the research, which shows that the reduction of weight on a low carb diet is easier than on low-fat. And three – a matter of fashion. High popularity in recent years gained a paleolithic diet, which excludes cereal products due to gluten.

It is to replace fat-containing food, for example. Meat, nuts and seeds, coconut oil or avocado. This last is to be a particular star – because of the medium chain fatty acids MCT that are accelerate metabolism, and therefore ideally meet the needs of fighting the ballast.

If you want to lose weight, you have to remember, however, that the ratio between the macronutrients are not the most important – factor determining the success of a caloric deficit. Meanwhile, one gram of fat is 9 calories up. Tablespoon of butter is well over 100 calories and the same amount of coconut oil.



And Internet recipes for coffee bulletproof assume the use of even a few tablespoons of fat. Calories so it will be a lot, and do not satisfy hunger as normal food, because it lacks consistency. It should also be emphasized that the effect of coconut oil to speed up metabolism is overrated.

Yes, it produces a certain effect, but at the same time – because of the caloric content – carries the risk of the energy demand, which in turn will cause you to gain weight and will not help any fatty acids, even najśredniejsze. Another question – to burn fat, you have to train.

And that need energy. And although the body is able to get it from fat, carbohydrates old-fashioned but it is much more effective way to power. Incorporating healthy fats, nuts, seeds and avocados provide valuable nutrients and in moderate amounts will be an important part of your diet. There will be, however, a wonderful way to deal with ballast – especially in the form eaten tablespoons butter or coconut oil.