How to avoid injury? Bicepsworkouts coaching tips

You do not need a doctorate in physiotherapy, to avoid injury. Just implement a few simple rules and stick to them. It’s like, you’re willing to absorb some knowledge? We promise that it will not hurt.


Take an overview
In my experience, there are two moments in which we are particularly susceptible to injury. The first is the time when people are just starting to train, and the second occurs when they have already had some training, they see the effects of training and begins to tempt them to more quickly raise the bar. Let’s start with the first case study.

When you buy a used car, first you go to the shop and check what’s wrong, and then you leave the highway and check how much factory gave. Similarly, it should be with you. Also you are probably already a little passed. Each of us, especially at a time when we spend most of the day behind a desk, and a sport we take away from the great bell and immediately we want to beat the world record.

Warming up? And what is a warm-up ?! The result is that we suffer from all sorts of restrictions range of motion, we have problems with stuck fascia, we nierozciągnięci. If you take these conditions for exercise, often you will not be able to – even if you wanted to – to do them correctly. So you expose yourself to the risk of injury. You must also remember that if your body has some dysfunction is a large burden of these disorders sometimes only deepen. And ready for a serious problem. Not extending, the first point – especially if something sometimes you ache – a solid overview of a physiotherapist. The functional tests can also ask the trainer in the gym. Odfajkowałeś? Then we can move on.

Warm up
Then we can move on. To warm up. Or rather its absence, because he is one of the most common causes of injury. Decent warm-up should take 15 minutes and consist of two parts. The task of the first, aerobic, is to raise the body temperature.

As a result, tissues become more flexible and follows stimulation of synovial fluid. The second phase, purposeful, has already prepared a specific muscles to work hard. So first you smarten up on the treadmill (bike, eliptyku, ergowiosłach or what there in total you want), adding to the swings, slopes or skipping, and then using the weight of your own body, or small loads stimulate those muscles, which during the workout you want give the impression. Do you think that these 15 minutes is a lot?

Maybe so, but I assure you that it really is time well invested. Far better to shorten the main part of the training, warm-up than save. You can also enrich it with elements rolling. Made before a workout will improve the flexibility of the fascia, and after exercise will help break down muscle tension and speed up the removal of these metabolites.

It is also good that you do not exercise ended at the moment of highest intensity, because it’s a bit as if you were putting out a turbo as soon as it entered the high speed. The corresponding end of the exercise (of course in addition to stretching) exercises will be quiet central stabilization, during which the pulse calm down and catch a second breath.

three sets
Among the common reasons injury Łukasz Gliszczyński mentions poor exercise technique that the more weight, the more loading on the bar. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask the coach for advice or good practice or watch closely in the mirror – they are just so, you see, for example, if you have your back straight, not whether your biceps flexing sufficiently impressive to attract the attention of blondes from across the street .

Good help can also be instructional videos on the Internet (search for Remember not to push the pace. Regardless of what they say or internet friends, build your muscles slowly and if you want to speed up this process, exercising too intensely or for lifting heavy weights, reference counterproductive.