How to choose a perfume for yourself? 5 expert advice

Cleanser is not everything. 91% of women admit that well-kept man must use good perfume. You should know what help choosing the right fragrance.


1. You have an hour?
More or less all the time you need to wisely choose a new perfume. For the first five minutes you sense only the upper notes of fragrance. Around 10-15 minutes to reach the voice of heart notes. Only after 20-40 minutes you feel the smell of the base, which remains the longest.

2. During the summer shopping
It is worth to buy perfume when it’s hot and muggy. The steam carries the scent, so the smell will be harder felt. In addition, the skin under the influence of heat becomes fatter – the smell of oil and captures it and keeps a long time on the skin.

3. Buy without stress
“Malaise causes olfactory anhedonia” – says Professor Tim Jacob of Cardiff University. In other words, when you are angry, you do not enjoy even pleasant smells. Therefore, forgive yourself of walking after perfumeries, when starłeś with the boss.

4. Train smell
You’re fading after training for your sense of smell gets stronger. “During exercise, epinephrine constricts the blood vessels, opening the nasal passages,” – says Professor Jacob. Go to the drugstore after a morning cardio: the nose is then able to recognize most odors.

5. According to the needs of
Green notes of the head you will add energy to exercise – use before training. If you want to focus on work, select the smells of cedar base. American studies show Rutgers University and the floral and citrus scents positively affect mood.