How to lose 4 kg in a week?

How to lose 4 kg in a week?

You avoided the gym for months, you’ve been drinking beer with your buddies and you have eaten in fast food outlets. Now you have a problem: how to show here on the beach? Here’s diet and training program, which will draw you out of trouble and help you lose weight up to 4 kg for just 7 days.



Nutritionists agree: the best diet results, spread over months or even years. However, in exceptional cases (we assume that the trip to the seaside resort falls into this category) allow to carry out short, intensive slimming.

Among several of such instant diets in many pluses whizzes healthy eating cabbage diet collects. Seriously treated gives excellent results – to drop 3 to 4 kilos in 7 days without damage to health and the issue of expensive sums on supplements.

Fiber all over

The advantage is also the fiber sprouts – accelerates metabolism, prevent various disorders of the digestive system, absorbing water (by which food in the stomach swells and rapidly passes hunger) and reduced absorption of fat and sugar in the intestines.

Diet principles:

Before moving to the grocery store a few cabbage heads, explore the 8 rules you must follow to diet a success. Here they are:

1. You can give it, provided that you are healthy. Dropping weight fast is quite a shock to the body and better, in conjunction with the disease is not some ended up staying in the hospital.

2. Do not use this diet for more than two weeks (in the second week yet lose approx. 2 kg). Ideally, if you limit it to 7 days. This diet is unbalanced in terms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, that is, contains various, not always appropriate proportions of these ingredients.

3. You need to be physically active, but you can not force your body to the extreme effort. Remember that during the weight loss is easier to push through.

4. At the time of diet you need to completely give up alcohol, carbonated beverages, bread, salt and fried foods, flour and containing fats. Potatoes and meat you can eat only when you are in the plan.

5. If the individual dishes is not the proportions, the ingredients can be mixed in any quantities.

6. Eat slowly – the stomach long minute delay gives know that it is already full enough. In this way you will avoid overeating.

7. For all the days you have to remember about drinking at least 1.5 liters (6 cups) of fluids a day.

8. When hungry, first reach for cabbage soup. The more you eat cabbage, the faster you will lose weight.