Hunger hormone – how to fight it?

Ghrelin – the hormone responsible for feelings of hunger, slowing metabolism and fat burning, the main suspect in the process of obesity, is to overcome. Here are the 24-hour schedule seated him on the spot.


7:30 – Do not wake Ghrelin

Decent breakfast makes you eat less during the day. Remember to calcium, which inhibits the secretion of ghrelin. How to increase the supply of calcium? Muesli mix (100 mg Ca per 100 grams) of full-fat milk (115 mg Ca per 100 g). This mixture not only longer give you a sense of satiety, but also lower the levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

10:30 – Coffee or tea?

Tea, yerba mate and more specifically – a drink known and used for centuries by the Indians of South America. The high content of chromium in the decoction of this herb stabilizes blood sugar levels, so you do not feel hunger and decrease of energy. Bonus – studies have shown that yerba mate accelerates fat burning.

12:30 – Very slow soup

A bowl of soup at lunchtime passes through the digestive system more than a serving of vegetables popitych water. They have shown that MRI conducted at Penn State University. Soups ghrelin overcome and prevent hunger pangs for almost twice as long as other meals. You can sip the soup vitamin D – it will organize lipid levels and facilitate losing weight.

14:00 – Smell mint

The smell of natural peppermint increases the release of dopamine and reduces want to satisfy hunger just anything, which happens to be at hand. Do not you just mint on the windowsill? Get yourself in the shop herbal peppermint oil. 10 ml bottle costs pennies, and work the same way.

15:00 – Drink a milkshake

About this time may appear longer the hunger that is not deceive ourselves. It is best to master the concentrated whey protein. Protein shake not only stabilizes blood sugar levels, slowing its absorption, but also reduce the feeling of hunger, lowering the level of ghrelin and insulin.

17:00 – This time, coffee

Before you eat something decent, quite quietly drink coffee in the end. For tactical reasons best caffe latte. Research at the University of Toronto showed that a protein present in milk decrease the secretion of ghrelin, while doctors z Mayo Clinic say that caffeine also has slimming properties.

18:00 – Drink

While this sounds obrazoburczo, beer does not have to provide you with muscle beer, on the contrary – a pint drunk in the evening can help you drop some weight. Because yeast contain chromium, which regulates blood sugar levels. If you’re losing weight, reach for the wheat beer – it has the most yeast. If there is no wheat at hand, select any clear.

19:30 – Can the sea!

At the end of dinner! Reach marine resources and eat fish – salmon or mackerel. You refer to them eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which raises the level of leptin – a hormone responsible inter alia for a feeling of satiety. Reducing the level of leptin and makes the body goes into “fast” and ceases to burn fat.

22:30 – Go to war

Your body produces more ghrelin, when you are stressed. Scientists from Texas have found that violent computer games, so. Shooting, unload stress, additionally pulling you from the nocturnal wanderings in the fridge … When a soldier fights, it’s not them!

Turn up your metabolism!