Keep Your Biceps Workouts Fresh

Just wanted to throw out a quick note about keeping it fresh! If you have gotten comfortable in your bicep workout routine, you need to switch it up and throw some variables into your workouts. If you just keep doing what you are doing, you are wasting your time and you will plateau. If you need ideas for different bicep exercises to add into the mix, check some of these out and see if you can’t work them into your routine.

1. The Half-Mast Curl – This exercise will destroy your biceps (in a good way) and leave you feeling very pumped. Throw this in there to really burn out those biceps. The great thing about this exercise is that if it is done properly, then your bicep will maintain contraction throughout the whole set.

2. The Short Head Twist – No, it is not a dance move. This bicep workout is designed to hit the short head with an extra kick in the face. Watch the video, but the idea is that at the top of the contraction, you should be twisting your wrist in to amplify how hard you are hitting the short head.

3. The Alternating Preacher Curl – If you are looking for pain, you have found it. Actually, this bicep exercise will allow you to really hit the bicep in two completely different ways with one exercise. You will alternate between hammer grip and supinated grip, allowing you to hit both bicep heads.

If this is not enough, check out our extensive bicep workout library for more ideas or if you want direct guidance on routines, check out our article with 20 different routines.