Leg workout alternatives to squats

Squats are great, but they can give a good bone and not all of them lost. If you belong to this group, we have good news for you: You can strengthen your feet in a different way.


A typical leg workout – to put it mildly – is not a favorite of many exercisers. We omit the contemptuous silence childish argument that it can be harder to let go and torture biceps, legs and so I do not usually see. We understand, however, that the solid impression that endow squats with a barbell, DOMS (delayed soreness muscle) in the legs, which are the largest group of muscle, can be a real torture – can not yet function normally, not walking, so you feel a nagging pain every time step.

Therefore, if your goal is not a high-performance sports (then squats with no weight rather big there’s no way), only amateur activity, there are many other ways to strong legs. The best solution is painless sled training, you can push or drag, walking backward. Using even very high loads, not Dorobisz DOMS the floor, because in this exercise is dominated by the concentric phase (muscles overcome the weight shrinking). A good option is a unilateral training, or exercises on one leg.

Not to be used in the very high loads (more difficult to keep a balance, so it would be dangerous), and still almost twice increases the work the leg muscles, while not burdening the joints so much. A perfect example of exercise may be the Bulgarian squats or deadlifts on one leg. Try sprints uphill. Indeed, their main objective is to improve the capacity and burning fat, but if you raise your knees high, engage glutes and also give them a hard time well.

1. You can also turn on a typical leg workout exercises with your own body weight. Very well suited to any exercise skocznościowe. Up, forward, sideways – it’s all very hard to activate fast twitch muscle fibers. Go ahead diversified by his training. Weaving into the superseriach him with wykrokami pump or pumps from the Swedish wskokami on the chest, legs and you practice, even without being aware of it.

2. Use the tape TRX to do squats with his leg in wykroczne hangstrap guns squats or skating – there will be engaged mainly quadriceps and buttocks. To work on the back foot, follow the bend in the Attract hangstrap or bend the thighs to the platform, where you put your feet (arms keep the body above the ground). Check also intense spinning with strong resistance (just look at the thigh track cyclists). 3 All these workouts almost imperceptibly help you strengthen the legs, and when you go back to the classic sit-ups, you’ll see that DOMS-s are not as troublesome as ever.