Lunch builds muscles (meal post-training)

This set will provide your tired muscles everything they need right away after I gave them a solid impression.


1. Chicken

How much? 1 chopped breast (grilled or boiled).

Why? This type of poultry meat contains a lot of protein with a complete set of amino acids, and at the same time has a little fat.

2. Pasta whole grain

How much? 100 g

Why? It gives you energy, helping to rebuild glycogen stores.

3. Black olives

How much? A handful, cut into pieces.

Why? Black olives, through appropriate proportions of proteins, complex carbohydrates and fat, slow increase in blood glucose levels.

4. Mozzarella

How much? 6 small balls.

Why? This not only increases the amount of dose of the protein, but also covers half of the recommended daily allowance of calcium. Search mozzarella with reduced fat content.

5. The leaves of basil

How much? Handful.

Why? They are a great source of vitamin A, which is a key factor in the process of protein synthesis.

6. Rocket

How much? Handful, torn in his hands.

Why? It is rich in calcium, vitamin C and iron, and in addition, a great source of folic acid, preferably affecting the muscle building.

7. Pine nuts

How much? Small handful.

Why? Enhance protein content and minerals, particularly magnesium.

8 Dried tomatoes

How much? Handful.

Why? Contained in them lycopene prevents prostate cancer. Remember to drain off excess oil to the dish did not contain too much fat.


1 teaspoon finished with basil pesto
2 teaspoons olive oil (extra virgin)
black pepper
When you cook the pasta, pour it with cold water, and when completely cool, mix with the sauce and add the remaining ingredients. Wrap the dish in a box and eat them after training. That’s when your muscles need a good fuel.