Military style jacket pilot

Bomber Jackets, cargo pants, sunglasses and watches Shades, who once served in combat aircraft – a strong trend for big boys.


aviator jacket

Invented in the early ’30s to the needs of the US Army has become a fashion icon in civilian life.

Since the planes began to fly higher and higher, woolen uniforms were not sufficient pilots. Then, as it was the year 1931, to equip the US Air Force hit a leather jacket. Initially it was sewn leather horse, had cuffs on the bottom and sleeves and shirt collar.

It was only in 1947 introduced the next model of the finished fur collar. With time, the skin horse was replaced with bovine, but the reputation of the jacket did not diminish. It only got airmen wore it with pride and aroused the envy of other soldiers. It also wore Marylin Monroe during her tour of the units stationed in Korea, which was to raise the morale of US troops. The jacket went into civilian life in the 80s, and has been promoted by the movie “Top Gun.”

Every guy wanted to look like a maverick, so the pilot entered permanently into the men’s fashion. Since then he has had many different incarnations – the skin was replaced by the technical materials, changing the shape of the applied pocket, cut a shortened and became less extensive and was replaced by natural ecological fur, artificial. Some designers imparted its character almost futuristic. It turned out, however, that men prefer more classic versions. The pilot, in contrast to motorcycle jackets, there is no rock style, his style is more mature.

Suitable for the simple jeans, corduroy pants and wool pants, coarsely knitted sweaters and cardigans, ankle boots and derby. This model comes indeed from the winter collection, but perfectly suited for the so-called. transitional periods. The jacket is 100% made of bovine nappa leather and has everything a classic pilot should have: a shirt collar (the fur is detachable), patch pockets and cuffs and waist. And now, the sales, you can buy at a really bargain price.



What to add?

Military style holds strong, and the headlines of daily newspapers satisfy trendsetters that for a long time does not disappear from the catwalks. On the contrary, military inspirations become the new collections more and more literal. This can be seen also in watches, which look as if they have been removed from the wrist of military pilots. The Aviator is a Russian brand uses in its timepieces Swiss mechanisms. Initially, the watches of this brand was produced only for military aircraft, today went to civilian life. Model MIG-25 Foxbat has a large, bulky 42-mm envelope made of stainless steel, and inside hidden Swiss quartz. Shield, like clockwork every airport, is simple and very clear, and the indexes were additionally coated with fluorescent. Webbing strap emphasizes his military style.