plank: exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Belly takes part in every exercise you perform. This is why it is so important.


Plank- exercise for strengthening the abdominal
Sure, it is also about to look good, but this piece of the puzzle as przemilczmy at the moment. Make sure all the crunches you do for centuries, brought the expected results.


Assume the position for push-ups, weight is not resting on his hands and forearms. Spacing of feet on the width of the hips. Your body viewed from the side must now create a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. Strongly tense muscles of the body and buttocks to prevent falling of the hips.

Hold this position as long as you can. When tempers your hips, knees touch the floor or you start to shake, acknowledge attempt to be finished.

Improve result

30 seconds after play? You need a month to strengthen the muscles of the body enough to be considered a satisfactory result. To the point: do the exercises listed one after the other, resting 20 seconds between them. Within 40 sec duration of the exercise, try to make as many correct repetitions. Take 3 circuits.

1. Penknives

Lie back on the mat, straighten your hands behind your head. Initiating movement of the abdominal muscles, lift your legs high and shoulder girdle. Repetition can be considered as completed when hands touch the feet.

2. Russian twist

Sit on the floor, holding up a 5-pound medicine ball. Lean back, lift your feet off the ground and move the ball first left, then right.

3. Plank

Perform the test.