Protein pancakes after training

  You get up early in the morning, drink pre-workout supplements and go to the gym.
Are you coming back and wanting something other than eggs, omelette or protein supplements? Something that will give you a lot of energy after a tiring training and it will not cost you much time?
And here we are – Protein Pancakes which thanks to the right amount of carbohydrates and protein will give you kick for the whole day!

Here are the ingredients you need (1 person portion):

1. One egg
2. 50g wholemeal rye flour or spelled flour
3. 100ml Water or skimmed cow’s milk 0%
4. 30g protein supplement (in my case the cream flavor)
5. Strawberry jam – 100% strawberries. (In my case own production without any additives)
All ingredients throw into the shaker (except for jam) and thoroughly blown by using blender. If the mass is too dense we will add a little more water / milk, but if the mass comes out too little then we have to add a little more flour.
Once the mass is ready – warm up the pan, add a little coconut oil and pour on the heated pan of the first pancake. Fry on medium fire one minute on each side once all the pancakes will be done. The finished pancake is greased with jams and we enjoy a delicious, healthy, nutritious and very quick meal.
I additionally sipped skimmed cow’s milk 0%.  Delicious!