Pumps – all in one training exercise

The old pump good enough to enlarge the size of your chest, and by the way most of the other muscles of the upper half of the body. Prerequisite: you have to do it in different variants.

Not everything can be expressed in numbers, but the pump so. Researchers from the University of Athens have calculated that with this classic exercise, you raise up to 66% of the weight of his body. Version for girls – pump with the knee – it’s only 55% of body weight.

However, if you do push-ups when you change the width and spacing of the hands of the height at which resist your feet, you can do the workout virtually all of the upper parts of your body.

pump classic

Technique: Place your hands directly under the shoulders. Torso, hips and legs form a single line.

Benefits: In comparison with other variants of push-ups, this is the hardest work the pectoral muscles.

Push-ups on his hands set narrowly

Technique: Place your hands narrower than shoulder width. Elbows exhibitions outside.

Benefits: Hard working middle part of the chest. This option helps to separate the two pectoral muscles.

Push-ups on his hands wide set

Technique: hands spacing wider than the width of your shoulders.

Benefits: Stretches the muscles of the chest. Thanks to working on its width.

Pump with legs up

Technique: Rest your toes on the platform (exercise bench, chair, ball). The higher the increase will be, the more difficult it will be an exercise.

Benefits: Tighter working the lower part of chest and shoulders, which must stabilize the figure is based on toes.

Pumps with his hands on the platform

Technique: Rest your hands and feet on the platform, eg. Two stacks of plates to the bar, hantlach, low bench, etc.

Benefits: The ideal way to “inflate” the muscles after taking the maximum number of repetitions in other embodiments.