Sailor pump, the pump clapping

The difference between the standard version of the pump and the sailor is more or less like between the butter and peanut butter. So we know that better.


The second is by the way also more demanding, but only in the positive sense – you just have to try more. Make as many push-ups sailors are you can do.

Pumps sailor – test
Assume the position to pump rozstawiając hands a little wider than shoulder width apart, feet together. Bending your elbows, lower position until your cage will be just above the floor. Hold on a second motion, then straighten your arms so dynamic movement to clap his hands in the air. Land on a slightly bent arms.

Improve result
Do push-ups sailor, his hands resting on the platform (if you reduce weight, which must handle your muscles). Gradually reduce the amount of the increase until you reach the flat floor. Do as many repetitions in 5 series.

Rest 60 seconds between sets. Test again and again after each training week. Oh, this version of push-ups you can go ahead and replace the old. You to come out for good.

Your score

Expert 15 reps
Recruit 10 reps
5 novice and less reps