Six products for greater energy!!!

When we feel a decrease in energy, our body often demands sweetness, because a large dose of glucose will help him recharge. However, our bodies are not always right. After snacks contain large amounts of simple sugars immediately after the burst of energy followed by its significant decline, and even hypoglycemia. Is responsible for the pancreas, which signal high glucose releases excess insulin reducing the glucose concentration. How therefore provide energy without causing hormonal swings?


1. Coconut oil
In more than 90% consists of saturated fatty acids, but in contrast to the Re-animal fats, which are composed of long-chain fatty acids, coconut oil contains medium. The difference seems small, but it has a huge effect on the properties of fat. They are absorbed from the intestine via the portal vein directly to the liver via the bile without etching. As a result, a source of fast and readily available energy. This metabolic pathway makes the medium chain fatty acids are not deposited as fat, only the consumed current needs of the organism.

2. Nuts
A few nuts it is the perfect snack when you feel a decrease in energy,
and our body begins to have cravings. They are high-energy, as 100 g to about 600 kcal. They constitute a complete source of protein and fatty acids and nutrients. Included in these amino acid – arginine, improves blood circulation and blood flow. If you are looking for energy snacks, why not reach for this contains the most vitamins and essential elements?

3. Avocados
The avocado is only the result of which consists largely of fat, which are predominantly monounsaturated fatty acids, often considered by scientists to protect against a number of diseases, including primarily lowering the risk of heart attack. It is a source of vitamins – A and E, which are powerful antioxidants and the best source of potassium, which regulates blood pressure. One avocado is about 160 calories, but due to the high content of fat and fiber gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.

4. cacao
Many of the ingredients of chocolate that makes it so strongly affects our mood and sometimes even addictive. Belongs to the alkaloids and is also produced in our body when we are in love. Therefore responsible for good mood
and a feeling of euphoria. Another substance contained in cacao is anandamide, which produce during exercise, energy and work slightly anesthetic. Cocoa is the best source of magnesium, which affects the proper functioning of the nervous system. Magnesium deficiency causes concentration problems, mood swings, irritability and depression.

5. chia seeds
Otherwise known as Spanish sage, they provide interesting variety in our diet. “Chia” with the Mayan language means the force – mainly seeds abound
in omega-3 fatty acid, which are the building blocks of membranes of the body, including the nervous system. Chia is a source of zinc, and B vitamins from the seeds can prepare the pudding, pouring milk for a few hours and just before eating by adding your favorite fruit.

6. Ginger
Intense, slightly spicy flavor of ginger makes it a highly energizing. It has warming properties and helps fight headaches, colds, inflammation. It improves blood supply to the brain, allowing us to quickly return clarity of mind and a willingness to act. Because you can prepare fresh ginger brew, pouring root cut into slices with boiling water. Best served with lemon.

To avoid frequent power drops, the diet must consist of res-created products – here are the basis for vegetables and carbohydrates come from good sources like buckwheat, millet, amaranth and rice. Let’s limit caffeine intake to one cup a day, often because of the dependence of the body leads to fatigue. Murine enough sleep and start a wholesome morning breakfast, which will be based on protein and fat products, eg. Whole egg omelette coconut oil from the nuts.