Summer perfume: how to choose the right fragrance?

Feel the summer. Light, refreshing citrus aromas, they give you energy and really allow you to feel slightly.


You want to buy perfume on a light holiday season, but not quite know what to look for? Knowledge of the basic ingredients rześkich perfumes will help you choose the right ones.

In the list of search fruit or other fragrant citrus ingredients of plant origin, mainly: bergamot, lime, orange, grapefruit, neroli, yuzu, pomelo, lemon, mandarin, verbena and lemongrass. Certainly they will not pester you, even in hot weather.
Just remember that the alcohol contained in perfumes can enter the sun in chemical reactions, causing skin irritation, allergies, and even permanent discoloration. It is therefore absolutely forgive myself perfume on the beach or during a long walk.
In such situations choosing aromatic waters with low alcohol content or completely free of this component. They are much less durable, but it is completely safe.
Men’s fragrance based on citrus blends, adding strong notes of herbal, woody or spicy scents of spices.
All have a light citrus notes molecular structure, so fast waves weather. Spray them 2-3 times a day.


What is this?

Three important components of citrus notes, which you probably do not know.


It is an integral component of the classic cologne. Its aroma is balanced – less bitter than grapefruit and not as acidic as orange.


The essential oil obtained from the bitter orange flowers. Fresh, crisp, slightly spicy aroma with sweet and floral notes.


Japanese fruit with a bitter-tart flavor complements other citrus essential oils, prolonging the scent of their short-lived.