The 4 Principles to Bigger Biceps

For the skinny guy, understanding just how to get bigger biceps is critical to feeling assured, looking great, and getting striking strong arms. If you’re fighting to get huge “guns” then check out my 4 bulging bicep tips below and you’ll see where you are probably going wrong.

Add “Supination” To Get Super-Huge Biceps

Supination is the name given to the place of the forearm so the palm is facing upward when it’s twisted, or anterior. It’s best seen in the classic bodybuilder pose when they’re flexing their biceps.

Strive supinating your hammer curls to get bigger biceps. Lower the weight and repeat with the left hand.

Repeat for 2 sets of 6-10 repetitions on each arm.

Always Overload The Muscles

The best means of the way to get bigger biceps will be to employ the principle of Progressive Overload the weight gradually raise that you’re lifting with your biceps.

This procedure has been proven to supply the greatest stimulation and muscle development, as it forces your muscles to constantly adjust to the increased load, meaning you’re likely to plateau in muscle gains.

Work To Favorable Failure

Working your muscles to positive failure is another secret of getting bigger biceps. This follows on from precisely the same point above where you are looking to push your muscles to locations where they haven’t been before. This is the means get larger biceps and to ensure a consistent development.

Always aim to make your last repetition practically unfinishable.

The Only Constant Is Change

By this I mean that if you’re continuing to follow the exact same routine day in and day out for months on end, then you’re probably missing out on some big muscle gains.

The reason behind this is simple…your body will get used to pretty much anything. Even if you’re increasing the weight on your exercises, you should be changing up your routine and performing different exercises every 6 weeks or so. This force your body to adapt and stimulate as many muscle groups as possible, and will prevent your work out becoming stale.

By changing up your workout fairly frequently (every 6-12 weeks) you will get larger biceps considerably faster than just sticking to the same routine.