Training Mask: does it really work?

We check whether training in conditions simulating high altitude mask certainly makes sense.


He trained in the Creed, trained Jake Gyllenhaal in “The loss of strength,” and even in front of Marcos Maidana fight with Floyd Mayweather and a couple of top UFC fighters. I decided to join this noble circle and see what all the fuss.

Training Mask 2.0 according to the manufacturer imitates high-altitude conditions. This means a reduced supply of oxygen, through which – in a nutshell – your body has to give it a lot more. The result is improved endurance, speed and strength after returning to the world of lowland.

It sounds good, so I set the height of the mask 12 thousand feet and put on her face. Breathe harder than normal, and sounds like Bane in the last “Batman” Nolan. Maybe that’s why the editorial colleague does not understand what I mean when I am presenting the results of research conducted at Oklahoma State University. According to them, the mask does not fulfill its function.


The main comments

Iron lungs

By training in the mask, you improve respiratory strenghtening the intercostal muscles. This is useful in the Octagon.


The mask is relatively expensive, although it is worth it to spend the money. Besides, you can easily find a shop offering a solid discount.


It does not mask improves your performance. It just forces you to focus more on proper breathing during exercise.

Your training to start

Do given exercises one after the other, resting between them as short as possible. Sag in the middle? “Reduce” the height at which you train.


Measure on the floor of a 10-meter stretch. Assume the position of a bear, and so go half the distance, go back, go the whole distance and back again. Calm breath and repeat 2 times.

climbing horizontal

Take the position of the pump. Pull your right knee to the chest, not dostawiając feet. Back repeat on the other leg. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest a minute. Repeat 3 more times.