Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

While building bigger biceps, or any muscle for that matter, might be important to you, the food you eat is vitally important to attaining the physical appearance you are seeking. A little bit over a year ago, I decided to take the plunge into becoming a vegetarian. In making this decision, I was extremely worried about the years of advances I had made in working out and building the body I desired. My diet consisted of lots of burgers, pepperoni pizza, steak, chicken, salmon, and tuna. Because I have a very fast metabolism, I was always trying to eat foods packed with calories and protein.

The transition to becoming a vegetarian was not anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be and my results in the gym have not diminished; I actually started feeling more energetic than I had in years. I thought that I would immediately start losing weight and get weaker, but I actually maintained my weight perfectly without eating any more food than I normally would have. I thought that maybe this would not last, but a year later, I am still doing fine.

Because I have successfully maintained a vegetarian diet for over a year now, I decided to go vegan. The main thing that makes vegan harder is that there are a lot of animal products used to make foods, which means you really have to read the ingredients on anything you are eating. Going out to eat can be very burdensome, but if you find the right places, you can get some amazing dishes that are healthy and taste amazing. People assume that vegans eat only bland tasting food with no excitement, but this is not the case. I still enjoy a lot of amazing food, I just find ways to make it with different ingredients. For instance, if you wanted to make brownies, you could use baking soda, apple sauce, or banana instead of egg.

Here are some of the things I ate as a vegetarian:

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • Fruit
  • Smoothies
  • Granola bars
  • Protein bars
  • Morningstar Foods (vegetarian alternatives to normal foods – they actually taste better than the real thing most times)
  • Subway veggie sub with chipotle sauce
  • Chipotle burrito bowl with no meat
  • Cheese pizza
  • Juice (consisting of kale, cucumber, carrots, beets, celery, apple, and lemon that I would juice myself)
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Alfredo pasta
  • Spaghetti with no meat
  • Cheese lasagna
  • Cereal with almond milk
  • Oatmeal

The list could go on and on. Once you open your eyes to all of the food possibilities out there, it really is not very difficult to find a lot of tasty things to eat whenever you are hungry.

I am still learning what to eat to be vegan, so I will keep you posted as I discover good dishes that are vegan friendly.