When is the best practice: the ideal time for training

It’s great that in the sweat of your brow you build an impressive physique. Throw in appropriate planning and the effects will be even bigger!


When is the best practice?

Morning 6: 00-7: 00

This is not the best time for someone who only gives long after midnight in the arms of Morpheus. However, it has its advantages – hour morning workout should choose those who care about dropping the donuts. According to a study published in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” fat disappears quickly when the morning on an empty stomach exercises.

At lunch 13: 00-14: 00

We do not live in Spain, where the siesta could jump out of the gym, but in our climate will be the lucky ones who can take advantage of the lunch break. Why is it worth it? Your aerobic capacity is then 4% higher than in the morning – use it for a quick interval training and build a solid foundation of your performance.

Late in the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00

The downside of training at this time of day are crowded gyms, plus – more power your muscles. When the hand of the clock is located between the fourth and fifth time in the afternoon, the muscles reach the highest temperature – easier to warm up, they are more flexible and less prone to injury. That’s when most of the breaks records.

In the evening 18: 00-20: 00

Time for loners nielubiących crowds – perhaps even you manage to cram into a flat bench? If you care primarily on building muscle mass, it’s a good time to hard training with exercises wielostawowymi in the lead role. Then cortisol – a stress hormone – blood drops. This allows your muscles to rebuild quickly and simply grow.

Cardio with a barbell? Of course!

We have good news for lovers of heavy weights who always looked with pity on the frail shoulders of runners – science finally admitted them right. Researchers at the University of South Carolina conducted on a group of overweight people year-long study.

Randy holders were divided into two groups. The first group performed strength training based on exercises with free weights. Physical activity of the second group based mainly on the run. The results left no doubt – after twelve months of training “strongmen” lowered their body fat significantly more than the “runners”.

Us, it is not surprising – polyarthritis exercise effort to engage the muscles not only visible to the naked eye (a large number of them), but also stabilizing muscles. And the result is burning fat and building muscle. Well, it does not feel as cold touch of the bar in his hand.