You hate iron? This machine will do it for you!


Creased trousers and shirts are our bane. But it seems that better times are coming. The pressing wardrobe removes this burden from us.


Most men, to put it mildly, has problems in meeting domestic duties. From carried out every year during the holiday season polls it is clear that the most hated of them should be pressing (hates him almost every second man of the house!) If also you the prospect of a stack of the impressed shirts and pants sleepless nights, hurry with wonderful information: already soon it will be introduced to the market a machine that will do this for you!

Your best friend home

This time we do not mean the dog. Developed by pressing FoldiMade wardrobe really could soon become a device without which we will not be able to imagine life. It is a modern iron not only perfectly comply with their obligations, but in addition looks really great and great find in almost any space. In contrast to the ironing board is also little space and does not require the user to almost acrobatic skills. Most importantly, the machine is not limited to the press – can also consist of our laundry in perfect cubes. It’s a real dream of every military.